We are busyRevOps scientists.

busy is an opportunity to get at your disposal an experienced business development team at the price of a freelancer, with a high level of competencies and experience in sales and marketing development.

We make your sales – busyless.

We are enthusiasts actively involved in the development of both large corporations and small local businesses by creating a unique experience within commercial strategies by using scientific approaches:

  • We implemented already over 72 RevOps projects. Speaking about results – here are cases our partners provide;
  • We are 7 colleagues, with marketing and sales expertise ready to share knowledge and experience. Our total experience is close to 35 years, and we are constantly growing. Here is some information about us.
  • We are officially HubSpot Solution Provider, but also working with a wide range of partners including Pipedrive, Zendesk, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Notion, Miro, and much more;
  • Love what we do, and we do what we exciting about!

We found that companies with a formal RevOps program are 96% more likely to achieve competitive levels of success.

Quoting HubSpot about Revenue Operations, also known as RevOps, is an automated business process that aligns the sales, marketing, and customer service organizations to make decisions that drive predictable revenue and promote growth.

We solve problems.

  1. Unsuitable CRM systems
    By using CRM as your single source of truth, you may optimize the way you keep important company data.
  2. Average marketing results
    With a superior marketing strategy, you may boost your company’s growth and marketing efficiency.
  3. Overloaded tech stacks
    Make sure that all of your tech components integrate effectively and cause your team members as little friction as possible.
  4. Lack of training
    Get everyone up to speed on how to use your company’s systems and procedures in an efficient manner.
Hesitating to start? It`s okay, we understand.

We can conduct an hour of online meeting to demystify RevOps by providing you complex commercial roadmap without any payment. All we need is your contact information in the form below or on the сontacts page.

1 hour = Free Roadmap.

  • Identify what your clients are searching for
  • Understand the problems your customers are trying to solve 
  • Develop a strategy that maximizes a company and its sales peoples’ ability to fill the role of a trusted, valued advisor 

Our client data reveals the following enablement benefits.

  • + 10-20% increase in sales productivity;
  • + 15% increase in profitability;
  • + 19% increase in speed of growth;
  • + 71% improvement in stock performance;
  • + 100-200% increase in digital marketing ROI.

We can convey these advantages of RevOps to your specialists and the results of such a transformation wouldn`t pass by. Here are cases our partners provide as proof of our words.

What we do.


CRM & Marketing Automation

Ten years ago, sales & marketing were a heavily manual business.

However, this is not the modern seller’s reality. Many processes that used to be entirely manual can now be automated for sales reps, enabling them to sell better and faster. So, let us help your sales gain benefits from automation systems like our partners provide to us.

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Revenue Operations

You do want your business to succeed, right? Your sales crew must be focused on closing deals rather than on time-consuming administrative or other activities if you want to succeed. RevOps can help in this situation.

Giving your team the technology, procedures, and content they need to sell effectively and quickly is what RevOps is all about.

Anyone who has ever worked in sales, whether in the past or the present, will find the concept of a system that tracks and monitors everything together to be delightful.

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Inbound Marketing

You have to be able to answer the needs of your potential customers before they even know they need them.

That’s the beauty of inbound. You’re addressing challenges. Inbound marketing changes the way businesses drive business growth. Creating leads and prospects through content and meaningful experiences relevant to them.

Inbound Marketing blends social media, blogging, email marketing, videos, landing pages, and much, much more while relying less on traditional advertising techniques like promotion through commercials.

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Coaching and Supervising

When you empower your sales team with the right resources, materials, and tools, they’ll have the ability to sell more effectively and efficiently.

We can help to ensure your sales and marketing teams maintain open lines of communication to access and share the content, materials, technology, and software they need to reach and convert more leads into customers.

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You probably think “Am I on Wikipedia right now?

No, but okay, that makes sense – no additional information! Here is our offer – we can conduct an hour of online meeting with a draft but complex RevOps roadmap for your company without any payment. Just leave your contact information below or on the contacts page.

All materials, presented in online-meeting and after are free and access granted.

Get a Free Roadmap.

  • Do your salespeople go into meetings properly prepared, ready to engage with the clients in a relevant, helpful way? 
  • Are you selling what the client wants? Are you resolving their pain? 
  • Is the transition from marketing to sales to service suffering from a disconnect between three out-of-sync departments? 

Who we’ve worked with.

busy‘s key expertise is widely presented in categories: Fintech, Marketing & Advertising, Media (Online and Offline), Games, Computer Software, SAAS, Design, Education, E-Learning, Human Resources, Consulting, Research, and Outsourcing companies.

Here are a few clients we worked with and are proud of the results:

Also, our experience suggests that we do a great job in other niches and areas as well. Here are some cases from our partners we think great to explore.

Value & Pricing.





  • Create a delightful customer experience with HubSpot – the #1 CRM platform for scaling businesses
  • Involves the build, optimization, and training of your HubSpot CRM. From pipelines to sequences, to deal properties, and more.
  • Full sales support for 1 month



3 290


  • RevOps Strategy:
  • – Conducting category Benchmarking and Market Researching; Sales Organization Effectiveness Audit;
  • – Establishing OKRs and Quotas;
  • – Conducting Inside & Outside selling process, choosing Sales Qualification Framework;
  • – Designing Sales Materials: Playbooks, scripts and templates, Pitches, Buyers’ personas and journey, SLA, ABM Approach.
  • + ESSENTIAL: CRM setup and support;
  • + Team coaching and Supervising.
  • Full sales support for 1 month





  • Want to customize one of the packages? Just let us know if you’d like to add any of these to a package:
  • – CRM & Marketing Automation
  • – Revenue Operations
  • – Inbound Marketing
  • – Coaching and Supervising
Already have something to discuss?

Just leave your contact information below or on the contacts page! All materials, presented in online-meeting and after are free and access granted.

RevOps Roadmap for FREE!

According to your company`s domain, including competitors analysis and benchmarking. Zero theory and the enormous amount of practical approaches.

HubSpot usage results.

  • How GfK Reduced Costs by 600%

    Learn how HubSpot CMS Hub has empowered GfK to build a flexible website non-technical marketers can update without IT help, cutting back costs by 600%.

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  • Mention Generates 5,000 Leads in 5 Months with HubSpot

    As it grew, Mention wanted to focus on lead generation and nurturing for its enterprise product. Find out how the company leveraged HubSpot to greatly increase lead generation and conversion rates.

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  • Trello Increases Organic Traffic by 40% With HubSpot

    Trello needed a global solution to generate and nurture leads in a more strategic and structured way. Learn how HubSpot helped Trello fine-tune their global content and automation strategy.

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  • Loom Builds Demand Generation Campaigns 80% Faster With HubSpot CRM

    Loom used HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise to build demand generation campaigns 80% faster, freeing up time for strategic work.

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  • WWF Calls Attention to Nature Loss and Climate Change With HubSpot

    As a large international organization, WWF needed a powerful and easy-to-use CMS to organize Earth Hour 2020, their largest global campaign of the year. Find out how HubSpot helped WWF launch a successful campaign with a high level of personalization.

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  • G2 decreases cost per lead by 25% with HubSpot

    Leveraging LinkedIn ads and HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, G2 was able to decrease their cost per lead by 25% while maintaining overall lead quality.

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Colleagues feedback.

I was working with Eugene at the Isobar Ukraine agency. He has established himself as an ambitious and experienced New Business Manager, proactively and successfully addressing client requests and taking a strong stand on business development activity.

Daria MaslovaAccount Director | Sigma Digital

Working with Evgeny, I would like to emphasize his communication skills, objectivity in finding and making decisions, his ability to structure and systematize work in detail, he feels at ease in a team, and has a professional approach to solving tasks.

Vsevolod SevastianovAccount Lead | 1+1 Digital

Eugene is a good networking and negotiation specialist, has a high level of communication skills and the ability to motivate a team. Eugene played a significant role in building the processes of the sales department in our company and showed excellent financial results.

Olena ShabuninaCEO | Semantrum

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