Proud of who we are.

Today’s most disruptive companies are winning on customer experience. We provide the understanding, that our partners need to treat every customer like their most important — whether you have 10 or 10 million.

That`s why busy is an opportunity, not a common business.

Few busy-facts.

We think that businesses that consider their RevOps the heart of their business create better outcomes for both their customers and their businesses

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Our core values.

The buyer’s experience has never been more noisy and complicated. That`s why we are different:

  • We think and act quickly
    By developing a proposal and implementing it, we show a tangible result in the first month;
  • We undertake obligations
    By guaranteeing the result of cooperation and signing on its implementation
  • We act concretely and calculatingly
    By offering only those solutions that will bring results, the effectiveness of which can be calculated and evaluated;
  • We are in constant self-improvement
    By realizing that marketing & business development approaches do not stand still, we offer not only proven methods but also test hypotheses;

Leadership team.

I with my team believe that the main thing in any business is the inconspicuous little things that lead to success.

It takes me almost 10 years in business development to find out such a small fact. Every detail is significant.
Each specialist, whose contribution may be invisible, is an integral part of the business’s success.

As an expert in Revenue Operations, I believe that the Inbound approach is the most important.
Adhering to the principle that we do not sell services or goods to another business or single customers, but implement human-to-human communication, trying to understand the needs, desires, and aspirations.

That’s how we can help our partners and clients become overwhelmingly successful.

EUGENE SuslovChief Revenue Officer | BUSY RevOps

Our partners in your success.

We are busy working with the best and most innovative digital marketing technology partners to deliver the tools you need to get things done.

Colleagues feedback.

I was working with Eugene at the Isobar Ukraine agency. He has established himself as an ambitious and experienced New Business Manager, proactively and successfully addressing client requests and taking a strong stand on business development activity.

Daria MaslovaAccount Director | Sigma Digital

Working with Evgeny, I would like to emphasize his communication skills, objectivity in finding and making decisions, his ability to structure and systematize work in detail, he feels at ease in a team, and has a professional approach to solving tasks.

Vsevolod SevastianovAccount Lead | 1+1 Digital

Eugene is a good networking and negotiation specialist, has a high level of communication skills and the ability to motivate a team. Eugene played a significant role in building the processes of the sales department in our company and showed excellent financial results.

Olena ShabuninaCEO | Semantrum

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