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Colleagues feedback.

I was working with Eugene at the Isobar Ukraine agency. He has established himself as an ambitious and experienced New Business Manager, proactively and successfully addressing client requests and taking a strong stand on business development activity.

Daria MaslovaAccount Director | Sigma Digital

Working with Evgeny, I would like to emphasize his communication skills, objectivity in finding and making decisions, his ability to structure and systematize work in detail, he feels at ease in a team, and has a professional approach to solving tasks.

Vsevolod SevastianovAccount Lead | 1+1 Digital

Eugene is a good networking and negotiation specialist, has a high level of communication skills and the ability to motivate a team. Eugene played a significant role in building the processes of the sales department in our company and showed excellent financial results.

Olena ShabuninaCEO | Semantrum

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