Pricing which suits everyone.

We work on a monthly retainer basis where we reserve a set level of hours each month to guarantee that we are busy with the volume of support you need.

We work together on a 6-12 month roadmap and continuously develop the “features” on the roadmap month over month as the hours allow.

The retainer model allows us to work seamlessly without change orders, scope creep, or additional paperwork. We just get to work each month on your biggest priorities and embed them within your team.

Also, we provide pre-setted retainers including CRM establishment and RevOps strategy development. It`s up to you – construct your own retainer or choose from a pre-built one.

Value & Pricing.





  • Create a delightful customer experience with HubSpot – the #1 CRM platform for scaling businesses
  • Involves the build, optimization, and training of your HubSpot CRM. From pipelines to sequences, to deal properties, and more.
  • Full sales support for 1 month



3 290


  • RevOps Strategy:
  • – Conducting category Benchmarking and Market Researching; Sales Organization Effectiveness Audit;
  • – Establishing OKRs and Quotas;
  • – Conducting Inside & Outside selling process, choosing Sales Qualification Framework;
  • – Designing Sales Materials: Playbooks, scripts and templates, Pitches, Buyers’ personas and journey, SLA, ABM Approach.
  • + ESSENTIAL: CRM setup and support;
  • + Team coaching and Supervising.
  • Full sales support for 1 month





  • Want to customize one of the packages? Just let us know if you’d like to add any of these to a package:
  • – CRM & Marketing Automation
  • – Revenue Operations
  • – Inbound Marketing
  • – Coaching and Supervising

Why flexible monthly retainer?

Our contracts are flexible monthly subscriptions designed to provide you with the level of support you need and that fits your budget.

‍The subscription gives you a host of benefits and a specific amount of monthly busy hours to use across the priorities we are focusing on each month.

‍We’ll work with you to customize your plan and a specific number of monthly hours to fit your needs. Once we decide on the monthly hours we can flex up or down with 30-day notice.

Your subscription-based contract is set up seamlessly to allow busy to work on agreed-upon priorities without any additional change orders or contracts.

‍We also reserve priority access to extra hours for our clients. With the confirmation of our bandwidth and written approval, we will happily accommodate your additional requests.

Colleagues feedback.

I was working with Eugene at the Isobar Ukraine agency. He has established himself as an ambitious and experienced New Business Manager, proactively and successfully addressing client requests and taking a strong stand on business development activity.

Daria MaslovaAccount Director | Sigma Digital

Working with Evgeny, I would like to emphasize his communication skills, objectivity in finding and making decisions, his ability to structure and systematize work in detail, he feels at ease in a team, and has a professional approach to solving tasks.

Vsevolod SevastianovAccount Lead | 1+1 Digital

Eugene is a good networking and negotiation specialist, has a high level of communication skills and the ability to motivate a team. Eugene played a significant role in building the processes of the sales department in our company and showed excellent financial results.

Olena ShabuninaCEO | Semantrum

Don`t know where to start?

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