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HubSpot usage results.

  • How GfK Reduced Costs by 600%

    Learn how HubSpot CMS Hub has empowered GfK to build a flexible website non-technical marketers can update without IT help, cutting back costs by 600%.

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  • Mention Generates 5,000 Leads in 5 Months with HubSpot

    As it grew, Mention wanted to focus on lead generation and nurturing for its enterprise product. Find out how the company leveraged HubSpot to greatly increase lead generation and conversion rates.

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  • Trello Increases Organic Traffic by 40% With HubSpot

    Trello needed a global solution to generate and nurture leads in a more strategic and structured way. Learn how HubSpot helped Trello fine-tune their global content and automation strategy.

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  • Loom Builds Demand Generation Campaigns 80% Faster With HubSpot CRM

    Loom used HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise to build demand generation campaigns 80% faster, freeing up time for strategic work.

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  • WWF Calls Attention to Nature Loss and Climate Change With HubSpot

    As a large international organization, WWF needed a powerful and easy-to-use CMS to organize Earth Hour 2020, their largest global campaign of the year. Find out how HubSpot helped WWF launch a successful campaign with a high level of personalization.

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  • G2 decreases cost per lead by 25% with HubSpot

    Leveraging LinkedIn ads and HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, G2 was able to decrease their cost per lead by 25% while maintaining overall lead quality.

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